UAS Services

Unmanned Aerial Systems

IRM now offers Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) services. Using the latest software and technology currently available in the remote sensing industry, IRM is able to collect high resolution imagery via unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s). With this IRM can produce orthophotos that provide up-to-date mosaics. This imagery is then spatially referenced with sub foot accuracy and can be directly imported into geospatial analysis software. Our pilots are all part 107 certified in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations and are experienced in unmanned aerial systems. IRM offers several unmanned aerial vehicle services including stocking surveys, precommercial thinning audits, snag monitoring and solar farm monitoring.

Stocking Surveys

Stocking surveys are a crucial part to any successful reforestation plan. IRM unmanned aerial systems can provide a more efficient way to determine stocking levels. Our unmanned aerial vehicles combined with high resolution cameras provide detailed mosaics that are then used to generate a seedling count. Using cutting edge photogrammetry software seedlings are counted to determine stocking density of stands. Unmanned aerial systems not only are an efficient solution, but also provide physical data for future reference.

Snag Monitoring

Snags are an important component of any forest and provide habitat for a number of wildlife species. Unmanned aerial vehicles now provide a means to monitor the condition of snags for wildlife. IRM’s skilled pilots can locate snags, fly under the forest canopy and capture high resolution video of snags. This provides wildlife biologists with video of all sides of the snag to determine snag condition for wildlife habitat. Combined with IRM’s mapping capabilities snag coordinates can be recorded for revisits in the future.


Precommercial Thin Auditing

Precommercial thinning audits using unmanned aerial vehicles are cost and time effective for determining trees per acre. IRM’s unmanned aerial systems are able to produce spatially referenced stand mosaics that can be overlaid with plot buffers and analyzed in geospatial software to generate a trees per acre count.

Solar Farm Monitoring

Solar panels are becoming widely used both privately and commercially, and ensuring your solar panel is working efficiently is important. IRM’s unmanned aerial vehicles combined with infrared cameras make monitoring large arrays and rooftop panels simple. Both still imagery and video can detect cells that are damaged or defective that hinder the efficiency of the panel.