Timber Cruising & Appraisals

Integrated Resource Management provides a host of timber resource valuation services.  We utilize a combination of resource conversion and comparable sales approaches in appraising forestlands for clients large and small.


  • Timber Grade Cruising
  • Stumpage Appraisals

While accurate estimation of timber volume and grades are crucial in determining value, modern timber appraisals must also consider how land use rules, rapidly changing wood markets, and regulations protecting threatened and endangered species, effect these values.

Joey Harness

Log pile
To most accurately appraise timber values, IRM maintains an internal database of log purchasers throughout the Northwest, and tracks market trends through several subscription log price-reporting systems.

To achieve the highest of standards, IRM stays current on all aspects of the regulatory environment and maintains the most up-to-date technology for conducting appraisals, such as geographic information systems, lasers for tree measurements, and advanced software for sampling grade cruises.

IRM also conducts investment analysis for clients considering purchasing forestland.  We use sophisticated methods such as inventory-based growth and yield analysis and discounted cash flow analysis to estimate yields, revenue and resulting forest conditions for periods up to 100 years.  We specialize in estimating these values under complex management scenarios that implement alternative silvicultural systems, long-rotation management, and restorative forestry.

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