GPS Field Mapping & GIS

IRM utilizes the ArcGIS 10.1 geographic information system combined with image processing programs such as ERDAS and OrthoGIS to make sense of large multifaceted and complex habitat restoration projects.

IRM has the capability to efficiently and accurately map habitats which provide answers to our clients’ spatial questions.  IRM also uses GIS and GPS to increase the effectiveness of its crews in the field.  Accurate mapping allows our field technicians and biologists to more effectively conduct their field studies.

All of our field staff are trained in the use of ArcPad 10  which they use on every project to both navigate and map resources and weeds. IRM uses the Trimble GPS Analysts extension for ArcMap 10 to differentially correct GPS data and to ensure accurate mapping.

IRM utilizes the Trimble GEO 6000 with Floodlight technology to accurately map and collect attribute information in the field.

The Trimble GEO 6000 system is capable of sub-meter accuracy and is highly accurate due to its capability to utilize both the GPS and GNSS satellite constellation.

Sandstrom map
IRM crews are highly skilled in the use of GPS

  • Vegetation Typing
  • GIS & GPS Field Mapping
  • Noxious Weed Mapping

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