Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystem Restoration

IRM offers a range of Ecosystem and Habitat Restoration Services to a variety of clients including land trusts, watershed councils, natural resource agencies, local and municipal government and any landowner wishing to restore the natural habitat on their property.  IRM can work throughout the Pacific Northwest from Alaska to California.

Questions often asked by landowners who wish to restore their property include: What is restoration?  Where do we start?  How much will it cost?

Habitat restoration can be defined as the direct manipulation of ecosystems through tree planting, prescribed burning, seeding native plants and/or cutting small diameter trees.  It is often the best approach on sites that have altered plant communities that will not return to a desired future condition through natural processes. Click on the links below to learn more about our specific restoration services.  Please contact our Habitat Restoration Coordinator Matt Mellenthin to learn how we can help and what the estimated costs may be.


Restored ponderosa pine forest.
Restored douglas-fir forest.
Restored oak habitat near Eugene, Oregon.