Curt Rogers
Database Programmer, Software Engineer

Mr. Rogers has a Forest Management degree from Oregon State University and has been practicing forestry for over 20 years. His expertise is in forest inventory, timber cruising, GIS, and Access database design. He is is proficient in Data Plus® Professional, a hand-held data entry program. Mr. Rogers has assisted IRM on several forestry projects that have provided custom database solutions to multi-faceted problems.  He has extensive experience in VBA, SQL Server and DPC Edit software programs.

Kim Iles, Ph.D
Forest Biometrics

Dr. Iles has Bachelor of Science in Forest Management and a Masters Science in Forest Biometrics both from Oregon State University, 1969-1974.   He recieved his Ph.D. in Forest Biometrics from University of British Columbia in 1979. Dr. Iles specializes in the following areas of forestry:

  • Practical Forest Inventory Design and Timber Cruising Techniques for Government and Industry;
  • Variable Plot and 3P sampling techniques;
  • Review and Improvements of existing forest inventory and harvest cruising designs;
  • Weight Scaling Techniques for log scaling purposes;
  • Statistical Analysis of Data (particularly forest sampling data); and
  • Teaching and Legal consulting (Forest Biometrics, Statistics, Cruise Design and Inventory Techniques).

Dr. Iles is also a professor of statistics at Vancouver Island University.

Debbie Johnson
GIS Analyst

Debora Johnson received her BS in Forest Management at Oregon State University. She is a Certified Forester (SAF) and Certified GIS Professional (GISCI). She specialized in forest inventory, GIS, and forest planning during the 25 years she worked for the Oregon State University College Forests. In that position she also worked on conservation efforts for several threatened and endangered species. She owns and operates Applegate Forestry LLC, a forestry consulting firm.  She directed the Habitat Restoration Program at the Institute for Applied Ecology where she worked on projects to restore rare prairie habitat and  assists the Klamath Tribes on project planning associated with the Tribes’ management plan for the Klamath Reservation Forest.  She is currently working with IRM as an associate on several forestry and GIS mapping projects in the PNW.

Chris Diver
Forest Technician

Mr. Diver is a skilled, efficient and has a great attitude, born and raised in Oklahoma. He has 10 years experience in tree planting and forest inventory. He has worked on several large and small scale inventory projects for The Campbell Group. He received his technical training on the job and from the USFS. He has worked with IRM since 2011 on inventory and cruising contracts for Plum Creek, the USFS and small timberland forestland owners throughout the PNW, including Alaska and California.

Francisco Waldemar Paiz
Forest Technician

Mr. Paiz is a dedicated and hard working forest technician born and raised in Guatemala. He came to USA in 1996 and has 16 years forest inventory experience on both private industrial timberlands and public forests. He received his technical training from the USFS. His work in forest inventory and cruising includes the USFS Regions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 10 and the following industries the Campbell Group, Plum Creek Timber Company, Weyerhauser, Sealaska. He has worked with IRM since 2011 on jobs throughout the PNW, including Alaska and California.