Curt Rogers
Database Programmer, Software Engineer

Mr. Rogers has a Forest Management degree from Oregon State University and has been practicing forestry for over 20 years. His expertise is in forest inventory, timber cruising, GIS, and Access database design. He is is proficient in Data Plus® Professional, a hand-held data entry program. Mr. Rogers has assisted IRM on several forestry projects that have provided custom database solutions to multi-faceted problems.  He has extensive experience in VBA, SQL Server and DPC Edit software programs.

Kim Iles, Ph.D
Forest Biometrics

Dr. Iles has Bachelor of Science in Forest Management and a Masters Science in Forest Biometrics both from Oregon State University, 1969-1974.   He recieved his Ph.D. in Forest Biometrics from University of British Columbia in 1979. Dr. Iles specializes in the following areas of forestry: Practical Forest Inventory Design and Timber Cruising Techniques for Government and Industry; Variable Plot and 3P sampling techniques; Review and Improvements of existing forest inventory and harvest cruising designs; Weight Scaling Techniques for log scaling purposes; Statistical Analysis of Data (particularly forest sampling data); and Teaching and Legal consulting (Forest Biometrics, Statistics, Cruise Design and Inventory Techniques). Dr. Iles is also a professor of statistics at Vancouver Island University.

Chris Diver
Forest Technician

Mr. Diver is a skilled, efficient and has a great attitude, born and raised in Oklahoma. He has 10 years experience in tree planting and forest inventory. He has worked on several large and small scale inventory projects for The Campbell Group. He received his technical training on the job and from the USFS. He has worked with IRM since 2011 on inventory and cruising contracts for Plum Creek, the USFS and small timberland forestland owners throughout the PNW, including Alaska and California.

John Hadaller
Project Manager
John Hadaller has over 45 years of experience in the forest industry.  After graduating from Centralia Community College in 1973 with an Associates of Science degree in forestry, John started working for International Paper Company managing site preparation projects, contract logging, forest engineering, and harvest schedules.  Mr. Hadaller has worked for two employers as a Log Buyer, giving him hands on opportunity to understand both the export and domestic markets. Most importantly it has cultivated a rich understanding of the art of harvesting & marketing timber. With his experience, John is able to help clients in guiding and handling the process and procedures of managing timberlands, harvesting, and coordinating the sale of products ensuring the most lucrative self-sustaining measures. John is skilled in the evaluation of timber stands, harvest prices, unit layout, property boundaries, permitting, contract supervision, timber taxes, and reforestation. John has assisted IRM with various projects ranging from overseeing the management practices on the Pine Creek East property owned by Columbia Land Trust to timber cruising projects in Western Washington.  John became a US Forest Service Region 6 certified cruiser in 2017.  John has been an integral part of the IRM team for several years, allowing us to have another set of feet on the ground and eyes overseeing many large projects.  When not working, John spends his free time with his family and exploring the outdoors.

Leif Brantner
Forest Technician
Leif Brantner has been working with IRM since 2016.  Mr. Brantner graduated in 2013 from Oregon Sate University with a Bachelors of Science Forestry Operations.  Leif has assisted IRM with many projects ranging from stand exams, forest inventories, unit layout, and timber cruising for appraisal purposes.  Leif has worked on various projects along the west coast for IRM.  Mr. Brantner great work ethic and keen sense of detail has helped him establish himself within the IRM team as one of our lead forest technicians.

Danny and Kelly Cornett

Forest Technicians

Kelly Cornett has over 35 years of experience practicing forestry in the Pacific Northwest.  Kelly grew up in Southern Oregon where his family owned several small sawmills, which is where he found the love of forestry.  Kelly specializes in timber cruising, check cruising, and appraisal services.  Danny Cornett has been working alongside his father for the past 10 years.  His on the ground training from a seasoned forest technician has helped Danny grow in a successful timber cruiser.  Since joining the IRM team in 2018, Kelly and Danny have assisted with forest inventory, unit layout, and timber cruising projects along the west coast. Kelly and Danny are extremely hard working and detail oriented which has made them great assets to our team. 

Mickey Bellman
Forest Technician
Mickey Bellman has over 45 years of experience practicing forestry in the Western United States.  Mickey’s vast forestry background has helped him become well versed in forest inventory, timber cruising and appraisal services, and unit layout.  In 2017, Mickey became a US Forest Service Region 6 certified timber cruiser. Mr. Bellman has been part of the IRM team since 2016.  Mickey has assisted IRM projects throughout Oregon and Washington.