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SDS Stocking Survey – Snowden, WA

  • 800 acres
  • Flew UAS vehicles at the stand level to obtain ortho photos to highlight planting gaps in plantations, identify trees and count number of Douglas-fir and Ponderosa Pine per acre
  • Micro-scale photos of the Gorge were flown at lower elevations

Bull Trout Restoration Project – Confluence of North Santiam and Rock Creek

  • Large scale landscape photos and cinematography were taken to provide an overview of the confluence and adjacent riparian areas
  • Photos provided high resolution imagery for analysis of habitat conditions, hydrology-geomorphology

Half Moon Mapping Project – Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

  • High resolution imagery was taken to identify areas previously sprayed by IRM crew
  • Photos were used to assess quality of spray and determine areas of success and areas missed
  • Maps were created for crews to return to areas needing further treatment

Pine Creek Forest Restoration Thinning – Columbia Land Trust

  • To be included soon!