IMG_1002Joey Harness

The Joey Harness is a revolutionary way to carry handheld data collectors, tablets and computers, hands free!The Joey Harness has fully adjustable shoulder and waist straps, which allows you to carry your handheld computer close to your body for a comfortable fit, while simultaneously keeping it in a secure position. This contributes to: greater work efficiency and productivity, reducing your time in the field; and less wear and tear, further extending the life of your handheld data computer!The Joey Harness fits handheld data recorder models including the Trimble Ranger, Nomad Recon, Yuma and Geo 6000; Juniper Nomad; Nautiz X7; Mesa; and Algiz 7.


The standard designs are $150.00 plus the price of shipping, which averages about $10-$15 depending on quantity. Shipping rates are lower for larger quantities.

Design features include:

  • Easy access front velcro flap to open & close when recording
  • Adjustable front buckle straps to secure unit when mobile in rugged environments
  • Adjustable shoulder, waist & back straps to fit any body size
  • Standard color is Blaze Orange for greater visibility if lost

Model Types Each model is designed to fit specific handheld units/computers listed & pictured 

Model 1 fits the Trimble Ranger & Juniper Allegro
Trimble Ranger
Juniper Allegro FINAL
Model 2 web FINAL
Model 2 fits the Trimble Nomad, Trimble Recon & Nautiz X7
Trimble Nomad
Nautiz X7
Trimble Recon

Model 3 fits the Trimble Yuma & Algiz 7
Trimble Yuma

Model 4 Geo 6000
Model 4 fits the Trimble Geo 6000
Trimble Geo 6000

Our Custom Model fits the Toughbook, Radios & any custom design needed

Custom Designs

IRM can work with you to create a custom design to fit any handheld computers in the rugged outdoors including:

  • tablets;
  • smart phones; and
  • small laptop computers

Custom designs can range from $175-$250 each.Custom colors of red, yellow, forest green, blue, brown, black or camo may be included in special orders.

TruPulse® 200x Laser Rangefinder

The TruPulse® 200x has a compact design that achieves the highest distance and inclination accuracy of any laser on the market. This precision allows the timber cruiser to accurately measure limiting distances without the need of a Spencer tape.The TruPulse® 200x also has the “farthest” targeting mode which works well in heavy brush conditions. It can withstand harsh rugged conditions and its housing is waterproof to an IP56 rating. The TruPulse® 200x adjusts to any lighting conditions using the in-scope LED display, and Heads up red LED making it easy to read in low light.
trupulse 200x
The TruPulse 200X is available in LTI red.

It comes standard with a serial port, offers in-scope data display with 7x power optics and runs on 1 CR123A battery.

Key Features:

  • Achieves the highest distance and inclination accuracy
  • Adjusts to any lighting conditions using the in-scope LED display
  • Withstands harsh conditions with rugged, waterproof housing
  • Measures Slope Distance (SD) + Inclination (INC) in Degrees or Percent
  • Calculates Horizontal Distance (HD) + Vertical Distance (VD) + Height (HT) + 2D Missing Line (ML)
  • Distinguishes desired target from surrounding obstructions with Closest + Farthest + Continuous + Filter modes
  • Mounts to tripods and has quality optics that enhance your field of view

The cost is $1,741.15 (a 3% discount from list price).

Please contact Kathy Dunn, Sales Manager: kathy [at] irmforestry [dot] com or 541 929-3408 to order your TruPulse® 200x today.