Collaborative Project Development and Implementation

IRM staff have experienced first hand, the importance of collaborative decision making, and how the process can help prevent conflict over forest management practices. IRM can help create opportunities for a range of  stakeholders, whether they are individual community members or those representing a larger group, to voice their opinions regarding public lands management and decision making, in a socially  acceptable manner.

IRM belongs to several Stewardship groups of local and regional organizations and individuals which collaborate with the Siuslaw National Forest on the planning, implementation, and monitoring of stewardship projects within the Siuslaw basin.  Four stewardship groups are located within the Siuslaw National Forest including the Alsea, Marys Peak,  Siuslaw and Hebo Stewardship Groups.  Marc Barnes is a Member at Large, on the Board of Directors for the Siuslaw-Alsea Stewardship Group and IRM Restoration Project Manager,  Matt Mellenthin actively participates in the Marys Peak Stewardship Group.

IRM has also collaborated with other groups in restoration projects including: Calapooia Middle School, Greenbelt Land Trust, Institute for Applied Ecology, Northwest Weed Management Partnership and Philomath City Solutions.

Please contact Marc Barnes for more information, 541 929-3408.

Visit our Projects page for examples collaborative related projects completed by IRM.