IRM in the Press

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IRM – General

IRM – Biodiesel

Advocates try to fuel change, by Theresa Hogue. The Corvallis Gazette-Times. January 24, 2005. A1, A4.

IRM – Company Philosophy and Ethics

Innovative Forestry – Forestry Restoration Contracting Firm Offers Suite of Holistic Forestry Services Forest Wisdom – Forest Guild. August 2007. Pg.7,12-13 Guild Wisdom7[1].pdf

IRM – Forest Management

“Selection” forest management gaining interest, by David Stauth. OSU News. May 19, 2000.


IRM – In the Community

Calapooia students use native plants to reclaim some soggy ground. Albany Democrat Herald. March 17, 2011.

Habitat for Biology – Students Learn Through Restoration.  Extra Credit Newsletter – Albany School District.  May 2010.  Page 4-5.

Firm Helps Paint Philomath Green, by Raju Woodward.  The Corvallis Gazette Times.  February 25th, 2010.

IRM – Oak Woodland Talks

What to Do with Oak Woodlands, by Darin Stringer. Douglas County Woodlands Update. July 2005. Pg. 6

Forest ecologist’s discussion to delve into Willamette Valley oak habitats, by Darin Stringer.  Statesmen Journal.  February 18, 2004.
Statesmen Journal.doc

IRM – Partnerships

Local Stewardship Groups Receive National Honors. USDA – Pacific Northwest Region. August 12, 2011.
News Release – Stewardship Group Award.pdf
Stewardship Group Award Recipients.pdf

IRM Helps with NCF Expansion in Oregon. Northwest Natural Resource Group.

IRM – Projects

Bald Hill Restoration

Restoring Bald Hill, by Theresa Hogue. The Corvallis Gazette-Times. November 4, 2003. A1, A5.

Columbia Gorge Oak Restoration

Columbia Gorge White Oak Restoration. The Columbian Newspaper, Clark County, WA. June, 2008. – Conservation Article.doc

Cheating the cheatgrass

Cheating the cheatgrass. Trust Talk – The Columbia Land Trust. Fall 2007. Pg. 4-5.

Dillacourt Creek and Logging Camp Restoration

Two Restoration Projects. Defenders of Wildlife. Summer 2007. Pg. 3-5 Project – CLT.pdf

Ellsworth Preserve

Restoring a rain forest, by Kathie Durbin. The Columbian. April 10, 2005. A1, A6-A7.
Columbian – April 10, 2005 Part 1 (pdf 1.1 mb)
Columbian – April 10, 2005 Part 2 (pdf 1.3 mb)
Columbian – April 10, 2005 Part 3 (pdf 650 kb)

Gill Oak Restoration

Creating Breathing Room for the Oaks on the Gill Property. Currents – McKenzie River Trust. Winter 2005. Pg. 3 – Winter 2005.pdf

Restoring Oak Woodlands in Douglas County. Currents – McKenzie River Trust. Fall/Winter 2004. Pg. 3 – FallWinter 2004.pdf

Glaze Restoration

A forestry model for the future?, by Kate Ramsayer.  The Bend Bulletin.  January 9, 2010.

Logging project near Sisters could be a model, by Gail Kinsey Hill. The Oregonian. December 5, 2007.

Foresters look for a fresh approach. Nugget Newspaper, Sisters, Oregon. December 2007.

Field trip helps forge trust among diverse interests, by Kate Ramsayer. The Bend Bulletin. November 16, 2007.

MSWCD – Invasive Weed Inventory and Stream Characterization Survey

Agency’s survey tracks invasive plants. The Statesman Journal. September 11, 2011.

Metolius Reserve

Fatal Attraction – Beetles and the Metolius Preserve. Landscapes – Deschutes Basin Land Trust. Volume 12, Number 2. Pg. 4-5

Metolius Restorative Thinning Nearing Completion. Landscapes – Deschutes Basin Land Trust.
Spring 2007. Pg. 3 – Spring 2007.pdf

Forest Stewardship at the Metolius Preserve. Landscapes – Deschutes Basin Land Trust. Spring 2005. Pg. 1, 7.

Land tust showcases thinning techniques on Metolius Preserve, by Jim Fisher. The Nugget Newspaper. February 9, 2005. – Nugget Article4.pdf

Conservation group begins work on restoration of the Metolius Preserve, by Lily Raff. The Bend Bulletin. February 5, 2005. C1, C8.
Bend Bulletin – February 5, 2005 Part 1

Bend Bulletin – February 5, 2005 Part 2

Metolius Preserve Forest Stewardship. Deschutes Basin Land Trust.

Mt. Pisgah

Native Landscapes – A project aims to restore some of the Willamette Valley’s oak savannah, by Susan Palmer. The Register-Guard. October9, 2008. Pg. 1, 6. Pisgah – Page 1.pdf Pisgah – Page 2.pdf

Oregon Aspen Project

Reclaiming Fading Glory: The Decline of Aspen and How to Bring it Back, by Darn Stringer. Northwest Woodlands. Spring 2009. Pg. Cover Photo, and 16-18. Woodlands Spring 2009.pdf

Popcorn Swale

For the love of the Popcorn flower, by Diane Huber. The News-Review of Douglas County. October 24, 2003. Pg. 1, 9.
The News-Review of Douglas County – October 24, 2003 Part 1
The News-Review of Douglas County – October 24, 2003 Part 2
The News-Review of Douglas County – October 24, 2003 Part 3


Warner Mountains Aspen Monitoring

Stimulus Dollars Put Oregon Youth To Work On The Fremont-Winema National Forest. Fremont National Forest. August 27, 2009.
News Release – Aspen-Assessment-Crew-082709.pdf

Summer School, by Jim Stinnett. The Cottage Grove Sentinel. August 12, 2009.

Wild Iris Oak Restoration

Restoration Project Tour and Discussion. Long Tom Watershed Council. July 2007. Pg. 3

Wind Rim Thin

Douglas Firs Fall to Save 500 – Year-Old White Oaks, by Larry Dill. Columbia Gorge Magazine. Summer/Fall 2008. Pg. 26-32. Gorge Magazine SummerFall 08.pdf