Intelli-Spray Herbicide Application

IRM’s tractor-mounted Intelli-Spray herbicide application system has allowed our habitat restoration teams to drastically improve our success of aquatic/riparian restoration, while reducing costs to our clients.

The Intelli-Spray sprayer, allows applicators have 120 gallons of herbicide mix with 700′ of hose to access the most most remote aquatic habitats.   This hose set up can also be used to transfer chemical to backpacks or jugs at the end of the hose line for quicker herbicide refilling time.

In addition to the hose & gun set up, the tractor-mounted Intelli-Spray is equipped with a boom spray set up to deliver a 40′ swath and cover up to 8 acres per hour.


  • Hose & Gun:  700′ of hose capable of delivering up to 14.3 gallons per minute and 580 PSI.
  • Herbicide Transfer:  Quick release transfer hose allows land managers to refill herbicide into backpacks, ATVs and boats from up to 700′ away.
  • Boom Spray: Tractor-mounted Intelli-Spray Boom setup, allows applicators to deliver a more efficient & uniform broadcast application, while reducing the need for dye by tracking production with a GPS application.

For more information regarding aquatic herbicide treatment please contact Habitat Restoration Coordinator Matt Mellenthin: matt [at] irmforestry [dot] com or 541 929-3408.