Spraying/Herbicide Application


In many situations, herbicides are the most effective, and often the only economically viable, method of IPM.  IRM is a registered, license and insured Commercial Pesticide Operator in the state of Oregon.

IRM’s project managers maintain their commercial applicators license in Agriculture, Aquatic, Forest, Ornamental and Turf and Right of Way.

In order to provide our clients with the safest and most effective herbicide application, IRM’s  expert staff carefully evaluates the project to determine which method best fits the project.


  • Backpack Spraying:  Targeted or broadcast herbicide application by spray crew of between 2 to 20 individuals.
  • Hose & Gun Spraying:  ATV mounted hose & gun, with the use of 15 gallon tank and 50 foot hose.
  • Boomless Spray:  ATV mounted boomless sprayer, capable of carrying 15 gallons at a time and spraying a 16 foot swath.
  • Hack & Squirt/Flush Cut Treatment:   Herbicide treatment of undesired woody plants (e.g. English hawthorn, holly, cherry), with either chainsaw or ax.
  • Weed Wiping:  Use of drip-less herbicide application techniques to treat target species while avoiding desired species.

Please contact Matt Mellenthin, matt@irmforestry.com, 541 929-3408 and visit our Projects: Terrestrial Habitat Restoration page for examples of Terrestrial Habitat Restoration Projects completed by IRM.