Backpack Spraying and Weed Wiping

The cornerstone of aquatic invasive treatments is backpack herbicide application and hand pulling.  While herbicide application is often the most cost effective approach and hand pulling is the most ecologically sound, the use of both techniques in tandem often produces the best results.

Our aquatic licensed restoration crews have thorough experience in the identification of both native and noxious riparian species.  Our crews can mobilize to aquatic/riparian sites using chest waders, canoes or jet boat.

IRM’s aquatic restoration team has the capacity to mobilize up to 20  technicians to combat invasive species threats on your site.  Our project managers all have their aquatic herbicide endorsement from the ODA.  IRM can tailor our chemical treatments to meet the level of concern warranted on each individual site.


  • Foliar Backpack Application:  Our restoration crews will conduct spot spray or broadcast applications of invasives using backpack sprayers
  • Cut Stem Application:  This allows applicators to concentrated herbicide just to the cut surface of the stem of noxious weeds, preventing over spray into the environment.
  • Weed Wiping:  Using a fabric surface soaked in herbicide solution, non-desirable plants are wiped with herbicide