Fuels Reduction using LIGHTFOOT

IRM has a suite of options available for on-the-ground implementation of fuels reduction plans including hand crews, and/or use of our LightfootTM machine.  IRM provides hazardous fuels reduction in the forest using its one-of-a-kind LightfootTM.  The LightfootTM is an ecologically safe machine, which because of its low ground pressure and rubber tracks, can work in the forest and other sensitive areas with minimal impact.


Unlike other machines, the LightfootTM does not throw material when masticating brush, thereby making it safe to use around homes and people. IRM’s LighfootTM is ideally suited to working on all sorts of restoration forestry projects, as well as fuels reduction projects within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI).

Please visit our LightfootTM page to learn more about our fuels reduction brush mowing, piling, and shearing services.  Click on the links below to get more information and see Lightfoot in action.

LightfootTM Facts: Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

LightfootTM Before & After Treatment Photos

LightfootTM Video Clips

Lightfoot shearing dense ponderosa pine forest.
Lightfoot shearing dense ponderosa pine forest.