Projects: Timber Harvesting & Layout


Project/Client: US Forest Service; Olympic NF – Logging Layout Evaluation Report
Location: Quinault, WA
Scope:  IRM completed a third party logging layout evaluation report for the Olympic National Forest to determine problem causes of a failed and contentious timber sale. A mapping geodatabase was developed and used to facilitate the mapping of planned and used skid trails, streams, culverts, landings, along with obstructions within harvest units. Failed harvest units were compared and contrasted to other units in USFS ownership to provide a platform for evaluation.

Project/Client: Big Thorne Timber Sale Layout, US Forest Service, Tongass National Forest
Location: Prince of Wales Islands, southeast Alaska
Scope: IRM was hired by the Thorne Bay RD of the Tongass National Forest to layout out the Big Thorne Timber Sale Layout.  As part of this contract IRM flagged and tagged unit boundaries, laid out temporary roads, traversed unit boundaries and proposed roads on 26 harvest units.

IRM used GNS capable receivers to traverse the harvest units. The project involved the following logistical challenges: 12 miles of ATV travel daily; harvest units up to 2 miles from the end of the roads; and steep terrain with large timber.

Project/Client: BLC Timber Sale Layout, Broughton Lumber Company
Location: Bingen, WA
Scope: In the winter of 2012, IRM was hired by the Broughton Lumber Company to layout a final harvest logging Unit near Bingen Washington.  The work included the following:  Boundary tagging, ELZ and Riparian Reserve Tagging, Road layout, and GPS mapping.  IRM successfully completed the work on schedule with high quality.

Project/Client: Something Else Timber Sale, Washington Department of Natural Resources
Location: near Yakima and Ellensburg, WA
Scope: In the summer of 2006, IRM was hired by the WADNR to layout and cruise three Timber sales in the SE region.  This work included the layout of over thirty-five logging units.  The work included boundary tagging, ELZ and Riparian Reserve Tagging, road layout, GPS mapping and timber cruising.  IRM successfully completed the project on schedule and provided accurate high quality work.

Project/Client: Salmon Curves Timber Sale Harvest Unit Design & Layout, Subcontractor to DEA, Inc.
Location: Mt Hood, OR
Scope: IRM assisted the Mt. Hood National Forest by providing computer visual simulation for a proposed 22 MMBF timber sale, which is visible from the historic Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. The simulation provided direction on how to mitigate the visual offensiveness of previously harvested units in the Salmon River drainage through the use of selective silvicultural and harvest systems. IRM’s field foresters flagged and tagged unit boundaries, marked timber, and collected GPS data for the mapping of the timber sale.

Project/Client: Barr None Waters Down Timber Sale, Logging Feasibility & Analysis, Siskiyou National Forest
Location: Siskiyou National Forest, OR
Scope: IRM provided logging feasibility and analysis expertise on a 42 MMBF timber sale. All methods of logging systems were analyzed and units, landings, and roads were located in the field. A report was provided outlining the appropriate system for each setting and was a supporting document for the EA.  GPS coordinates were provided for landing locations and proposed roads. Mapping of each harvest unit was done using ARCVIEW GIS.