Projects: Timber Cruising & Appraisals

Project/Client:  Washington Department of Natural Resources – Forest Riparian Easement Program Timber Cruising (Group Esses, Group Chehalis, Group Gray Gables)
Location: Western Washington
Scope: IRM has conducted multiple third party timber cruises for the WA Dept. of Natural Resource (DNR) Forest Riparian Easement Program. Cruisers are required to provide a statistically valid timber cruise and determine the best methodology to achieve the needed results. The DNR uses the information to compensate landowners for timber easements based on local log markets. Cruises are based on the SuperAce methodology and may be 100% samples, strip cruises, ITS, or variable plot cruises.

Project/Client:  American Forest Management – Green River Check Cruise
Location: Enumclaw, WA
Scope: American Forest Management contacted IRM to provide a third party check cruise to lands it manages. After completing a standard forest inventory is was decided that a check cruise should be done to verify the work done before entering the field data into the database for general use. Check cruising consisted of visiting established plots for verification and accuracy. A 5% sample of measured plots was randomly selected to be visited. A report of findings and recommendations was provided as a final data product

Project: Reynolds Law Firm – Timber Theft Evaluation and Appraisal
Location: Corvallis, OR
Scope: IRM was asked to evaluate a litigated parcel of forestland determine if timber theft or regulations under the Oregon Forest Practices Act had been broken. Foresters visited the site, preformed a “stump cruise”, and gathered orthoimagery to analyze when the harvest had taken place and what the market value of the timber at the time of cutting would have been.

Project: City of Newport
Location: Newport, OR
Scope: IRM was asked to design a workplan to remove trees in-line with the Newport Airports runways and serve as the City’s technical advisor. The project area was sensitive in nature as it was punctuated by springs and seasonal streams along with the obstructing trees being previously unharvested and very large. Lidar was used to determine which trees obstructed airport runway signal lights and locate the problematic trees.

Project: Campbell Global – Rosboro Acquisition Timber Cruise
Location: Western Oregon
Scope: The Campbell Global corporate office contacted IRM to conduct a timber cruise in conjunction with an appraisal on the 100,000 acre Rosboro Timberland, the company was planning on purchasing. IRM managed the project and fielded 21 timber cruisers to install plots, completing a validation of inventory data on 10% of lands to be purchased.

IRM cruiser recording tree boundary locations for the Snakey Lakes project.
IRM cruiser recording tree boundary locations for the Snakey Lakes project.
Project/Client:  Snakey Lakes Presale, Tongass National Forest
Location:  Thorne Bay, AK
Scope:  IRM was awarded pre-sale and timber cruise contract during the summers of 2011-2013 for the Tongass National Forest.  IRM’s staff Foresters, one of which is a Region 10 timber certified cruiser, installed and measured over 75 cruise plots.  This data will be used by USFS staff to appraise the value of the timber.

Project/Client:  FREP–North Sound Group Cruise, WA Department of Natural Resources
Location:  Washington
IRM was contracted by the WADNR to provide a third party assessment (timber cruise) of the qualifying timber volume on 5 separate properties (covering over 62 acres) as part of the State’s Forestry Riparian Easement Program (FREP).  A timber cruise using SuperAce was conducted on the properties.

Project/Client:  USFS Bull Run Land Exchange Inventory and Cruise
Portland, Oregon
IRM conducted stand typing and designed and implemented a timber cruise as part of a stumpage appraisal for a land exchange between the USFS and the City of Portland in the Bull Run Watershed.  The exchanged involved the cruising of almost 5000 acres of old growth forest.  The cruise used the following sampling design: variable plot sampling, variable log length cruising, export sorts and domestic grades.