IRM provides hazardous fuels reduction in the forest using its one-of-a-kind LightfootTM.  The LightfootTM is an ecologically safe machine, which because of its low ground pressure and rubber tracks, can work in the forest and other sensitive areas with minimal impact.


Unlike other machines, the LightfootTM does not throw material when masticating brush, thereby making it safe to use around homes and people.

IRM’s LighfootTM is ideally suited to working on all sorts of restoration forestry projects, as well as fuels reduction projects within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI).

LightfootTM Facts: Click HERE for Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Lightfoot masticating overstocked shrubs.
Lightfoot masticating overstocked shrubs.
Lightfoot mowing scotch broom.
Lightfoot mowing scotch broom.
Benefits to using LightfootTM

-Low ground pressure (<3lbs/in2) minimizes soil compaction.

-Rubber tracks help minimize soil displacement.

-High horsepower (102) and auxiliary hydraulic capacity (40gpm/3000psi) means the LLightfootTM is highly effective.

-Low operating weight (11,000 lbs) allows for high mobility and virtually no move-in cost.

-Multiple implements allow for effective treatment of many different types of vegetation, from ssmall shrubs to large trees.


Please click on the links below to see specific project examples of LightfootTM in action and the positive results it can have on forest growth and productivity, as wells as habitat restoration.

LighfootTM Before and After Photos

LightfootTM Video Clips

Lightfoot piling pine with Grapple.
Lightfoot piling pine with Grapple.