Low Impact Harvesting & Thinning

IRM is highly skilled in planning harvest & thinning operations under a range of environmental constraints and alternative silvicultural systems.

IRM works closely with certified loggers who use equipment that is very “light on the land”, such as the forwarder shown on the right.

IRM uses professional foresters and silviculturists to mark trees, pre-designate skid trails, carefully design landings and haul roads, and closely supervise logging & thinning operations.

Strict adherence to these standards consistently yields excellent “on the ground” results.


  • Harvest & Thinning System Analysis
  • Timber Sale Design and Layout
  • Tree Marking (even and un-even aged prescriptions)
  • Timber Sale Supervision and Administration
  • Harvesting & Thinning using cut-to-length method, shear and cable systems

Logging or thinning should be carefully planned and implemented to the highest of standards. Even well designed thinning prescriptions can cause major site degradation if inappropriate logging systems are used or operations poorly conducted.