Project/Client: Roseburg Forest Products – Flatwoods Inventory
Location: Big Bend, CA
Scope: IRM completed an inventory for Roseburg Forest Products. 2,400 plots were measured and evaluated for tree growth, vigor, defect, and disease. The Flatwoods tract was a unique remnant due to centuries of fire suppression and its composition consisted of a multi-layered canopy of pine, fir, and oak. The updated inventory information will allow Roseburg to successfully complete conversion of stands into a more fire resistant ponderosa pine forest type protecting their forest resource.

Project/Client:  US Forest Service; Gifford Pinchot NF – Iron Crystal Stand Exam
Location: Western Washington
Scope: IRM completed a Common Stand Exam for the Gifford Pinchot National Forest as part of the timber harvesting program. Stands were evaluated for tree grow, mortality, vigor, and habitat characteristics. Tree communities were complex, with some stands consisting of up to five true-fir species.

Project/Client:  Taper Study, Plum Creek Timber Company
Location: surrounding forests of Toledo, Oregon
Scope:  In January 2013 IRM assisted Plum Creek Timber Company with a felled tree taper study near Toledo, Oregon.  IRM foresters were particularly suited for the job given their extensive experience in timber cruising combined with their ability to fell trees gained through their experience earned in restoration projects.  IRM’s foresters felled over 1200 trees and took diameter measurements at 8′ intervals along the bole of each tree, in steep terrain and adverse winter weather.

Crews navigated with Arc Pad 10 running on Trimble Ranger handheld filed computers.  Data was entered into an Arc Pad quick form, custom built for data collection.  The use of Arc Pad maximized the efficiency of the crews by facilitating both road and cross country navigation, as well as data collection.

Project/Client:  Campbell Group Timberlands Multiple Inventory Project
Location:  Northern California
Scope:  From 2009-2013 IRM has been contracted by Campbell Group Timberlands for eight projecs to complete a forest inventory of 2,264 plots in Northern California.  IRM designed a custom Data Plus Professional application to collect the forest inventory data to facilitate tree measurements and ensure 99.9% error free data. The program was utilized to collect data on tree species, heights, growth, age, defect, damage and condition use. As a Registered Professional Forester in California, Marc Barnes qualifies IRM to perform the work.Cruisers were expected to collect the following data species, heights, growth, age, defect, damage, and condition use.

Project/Client:  USFS Naches Stand Exam
Location: Wenatchee National Forest
Scope:  IRM was contracted by the Wenatchee-Okanogan National Forest to complete a stand exam on 643 plots.  Cruisers were expected to navigate to predetermined variable radius plots using GPS, forest inventory, current and potential/climax plant association identification, predictive fuel models, fuel loading determination and take digital photos of the plots.

Project/Client:  Ecotrust Forest Management, Inc.
Location: near Garibaldi, OR
  IRM was contracted to complete a forest inventory of 650 plots in 32 stands on a tract of timberland owned by Ecotrust Forest Management, Inc.  The data was collected in the field by timber cruisers on data recorders and imported directly into a Forest Protection and Planning Software (FPS) database using IRM’s FPS Inventory Manager program.

Please contact our Office Manager Kathy Dunn at 541 929-3408 or kathy [at] irmforestry [dot] com for more information about additional projects completed by IRM over the past 20 years.