Established in 1994, Integrated Resource Management is a full service forestry and habitat restoration consulting firm based in Philomath, Oregon.

IRM provides natural resource planning and management consulting services to a wide range of clients from local, state and federal agencies to private forest landowners, land trusts and other non-profits. IRM offers economical and sustainable solutions to forest landowners while simultaneously working to achieve their specific forestry and stewardship goals.

Our dedicated staff have years of project experience in many aspects of Forestry, Ecosystem Restoration and Forest Collaboration Services. IRM also offers Unmanned Aerial Services to provide integrated solutions in the forest environment.

Forestry Services

Good forestry focuses more on what is left, rather than what is taken.  The essence of our management philosophy is to achieve financial objectives while protecting the ecological integrity and productivity of the forest.

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Ecosystem Restoration

IRM offers a range of Ecosystem and Habitat Restoration Services to a variety of clients including land trusts, watershed councils, natural resource agencies, local and municipal government and any landowner wishing to restore the natural habitat on their property.

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Forest Collaboration

IRM can assist communities or stakeholder groups who are interested in developing projects that strengthen their local economies through collaborative efforts on forest restoration projects.

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Unmanned Aerial Systems

IRM offers several Unmanned Aerial Systems services including stocking surveys, precommercial thinning audits, snag monitoring and solar farm monitoring.